we connect publishers and advertisers to more of their most valuable audiences

Our intelligent prospecting system expands campaigns to reach attentive reader peers™

Publisher Solutions

illuma uses real-time signals to help publishers find and monetise their reader peers™


Audience Extension

Get connected with your extended reader peers. More audience, more inventory, more revenue.


Yield Managment

Increase revenue from your highest value impressions by recognising their readership attributes.


Content Amplification

Give your branded content programs a boost, ensuring your clients get maximum ROI.


Site Traffic

Entice reader peers to your site. Reach them when they read pages that closely match your own.

Publisher Benefits

Cookie-less Solution

No personal information. Work with data about pages not people.

Transparent Pricing

No opaque margins or fees. We win when you win.

Simple Integration

Quick and easy set up. No heavy code, no latency.

Publisher Controlled

Your content,  your reader peers. Avoid disintermediation by buyers.

Advertiser Solutions

Illuma is a more intelligent way to find new customers online.


Smart Prospecting

Scale and build more effective campaigns, reaching relevant new audiences.


Machine Learning

Infinitely, accurately optimisable, based on live insights, not historic 3rd party segments.



Programmatic, data-driven solution, built on intent and category entry, based on content consumption.


Bespoke Deployment

Proprietary tech finds customers and builds campaigns based on client’s unique data set.

Advertiser Benefits

simple, powerful & valuable

Widen the Funnel

Scale reach, without expensive ‘lookalikes’ or 3rd party data.

Pay for Performance

Find new customers more efficiently.

Light Touch Integration

Simple setup, optimised by us.

Brand Safety

Control exactly where your ads appear.


Reader Peers™

Reader Peers are valuable to publishers and advertisers alike.

They are highly responsive information seekers, qualified not through historical classification of interest or intent, but through the real-time signals about the pages they are consuming. Right. Now.

Who we are

Illuma is a London-based technology company building tools to enhance outcomes from programmatic media trading.

Our team is a mix of international media leaders and post-graduate level data scientists.

Our machine learning technology is robust, it has been deployed in over 2,000 highly successful advertising campaigns.

What we stand for

We believe programmatic trading needs more open and transparent practices.

We want to empower the real value creators in the advertising eco-system: brands building great products, and publishers producing premium content.

We use sophisticated technology to create simple solutions that drive commercial benefits for savvy clients.